4 Common Follow up email mistakes

4 Common Follow up email mistakes

In sales, we are told that we need to be persistent and keep on top of our leads if we want to close more deals. And so that’s just what you do, you follow up and then you follow up again. And again. And again. But follow up emails are only worth sending if you craft thoughtful and targeted emails for every step of your follow up. If you are winging your follow-up, it will show in your email, and your prospect won’t feel the need to respond.

Here are 4 common follow up mistakes to avoid

1. Don’t assume that they saw your last email

Prospects are not sitting around waiting to read your every email. Often a prospect might not read any of your emails until the 5th or 6th. And even if they did read your email, they may not have time to respond. Or when they do have the time, they may not remember what your email said.

2. Pest or persistent

There is a fine line between being a pest and being persistent. Often companies will use an email marketing tool to set up an email nurturing sequence, or they will use the bump email approach. Bump emails, in particular, are not the best way to get a positive response. No one wants to read an email with “Re:” in the subject line multiple times. There are plenty of ways to tell if your email is being opened, and opened doesn’t necessarily mean it’s been read.

3. Don’t be boring

Follow up emails can’t be boring and repetitive. Every sales email needs to be compelling and interesting. You need to offer value in every email you send. The more you tailor your emails while keeping them relevant to your prospect, the more total opens and responses you will get.

4. Call to action

An email without a call to action is spam. There should be a desired outcome from every email you send. Maybe you want to schedule a phone call or a demo with the prospect. Whatever your desired outcome is, you need to ask the prospect to perform your CTA. You need to ask and provide a good reason for the prospect to do what you are asking

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