4 simple sales prospecting techniques

4 simple sales prospecting techniques

Salespeople tend to dislike sales prospecting. But it’s a vital part of sales. If you don’t prospect, you don’t have leads. Because of the general dislike towards prospecting, salespeople often stick to old, outdated techniques.

Every organisation and industry will have a collection of lead generation techniques that work best. And they should be a combination of inbound and outbound. Inbound leads are warmer, tend to have a higher closing rate and a quicker sales cycle. Ultimately, they should be the priority.

Outbound leads involve cold calling and cold emailing. Your sales team are solely responsible for the effectiveness of your outreach. It takes time, dedication and resources to have a successful lead sourcing campaign.

Here are four simple sales prospecting techniques that will help take advantage of both our inbound and outbound activities.

Focus on warm leads

The power of inbound leads is that your leads came to you. It’s warm. And it is crucial to reach out to your warm leads as soon as you can. It increases the chance of them converting into a customer. One way to attract warm leads is by engaging with prospects on LinkedIn. It can be as small as commenting on statuses or getting involved in conversations on social media.

Thought leadership

Look at how to become a thought leader or subject matter expert in your industry. You can establish trust and credibility within your industry which will inevitably help when you start to reach out to prospects.

Some simple ways that can establish yourself as a thought leader are through blogging, speaking engagements or being featured as a guest on an industry publication. This helps to create a recognisable name in the industry.

Follow up

Keep in touch with your prospect. Follow up with them at agreed times so that you are progressing the deal and the relationship. Staying in touch with the prospect will build trust. It can be something as small as confirming the next meeting or sending over an interesting blog or relevant article.


There are a wealth of high-quality professional networking events, both traditional face to face and online. Look into events that attract your ideal customers, how many typically attend the events, and what is the format of the event. Is there open networking where you might get a chance to mingle with your prospects?

We understand the demand for quality leads and the need for your team to meet those demands. We are here to help and add value by finding tangible, highly qualified leads where we have secured a date and a time for an appointment. These individuals are in your target audience, at the right decision-making level and have an interest in your solution. Taking away this pressure from your Sales team allows them to focus their time on closing deals and generating revenue.

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