5 bad sales habits that make you seem pushy

5 bad sales habits that make you seem pushy

Over the last two weeks, we’ve taken a look at the soft sales approach and how it can benefit your sales pipeline to soften your technique. To make the soft sales approach work, you need to be persistent. But there is a fine line between being persistent and being pushy.

Sales require multiple follow-ups. Otherwise, prospects go cold and you lose out on potential deals. But to make the follow up worthwhile for both yourself and the prospect you need to add value with each call or email.

You may not be aware of how you are coming across to the prospects. If you are doing any of the things below, you may be coming across pushy, and you may not even be aware of it.

1. Never add value

If you’re calling your prospect looking for an update from them, without offering any value, then you may be coming across as both annoying and pushy. The calls may be your way of staying top of mind, but they will begin to resent you.

Hold off on reaching out until you have something to share. Otherwise, you’re becoming a time thief.

2. Ask questions

It is fair to assume that you know your product and industry inside out but you may not know the specifics of your prospect’s business. Ask a question that gives you more insight but also shows a genuine interest in their business. It may be asking if they are experiencing a similar problem to other companies in the industry.

Don’t blurt out statements at the prospect. It will not make them want to buy.

3. Secure their buy-in

Your sales presentation may have been on point. You may have gone through the sales process many times. So, before you start to go further into your sales process, make sure your prospect is interested in proceeding. Throughout the sales process, check-in with your prospect to make sure that the next step is both wanted and makes sense.

4. Mix it up

There are so many ways to communicate with prospects. Don’t just stick with one. You may have a history of emailing them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t like or comment on something on LinkedIn. You can always pick up the phone and have a conversation. If you stick to one communication method, they may start ghosting you. Mix up your outreach, so you look less stalkerish.

5. Know when to call it a day

Do you know when to walk away from a sale? If it is dragging and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, then it is time to park it and move on to the next prospect. Not every sale will be a deal. At some point, you need to acknowledge that there isn’t much more you can do. By continuing to chase the prospect, you will become an irritant.

No one wants to work with a pushy salesperson. It’s not the best way to start any relationship. Take note of how you approach your prospects, ensure you are on the right side of persistent and not coming across as pushy.

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