5 skills of a high-performance B2B salesperson

5 skills of a high-performance B2B salesperson

Every B2B sales rep needs a wide range of skills and techniques to be successful. Identifying exceptional reps takes a lot more than just looking at their conversion rates; you need to look at their mix of soft and hard skills. Soft skills are the skills that complement sales skills.

If you want to be a high-performing sales rep, it is worth spending time developing these five skills.

1. Empathic communicators

As a salesperson, communication is a hugely important skill. As a sales rep, you may be a good communicator, but we can always be better communicators. The best B2B reps listen to prospects and determine their biggest concerns.

Empathy is key to how high-performance B2B salespeople communicate. Being empathetic helps them build relationships with prospects and understand their points of pain. B2B salespeople ask great questions and listen attentively. Sales reps who take notes and paraphrase the main points are great active listeners.

2. Creative problem-solvers

No two sales are the same. Problems will pop up during the sales cycle. Some of these problems may be easily handled, and some will need to be assessed and need more work. The best problem solvers take a creative approach to every problem that comes up. A high-performance B2B salesperson will solve the problem creatively and effectively, which helps them stand out to the prospect.

3. Persistent prospectors

As sales reps, we might need to contact the same prospects over and over just to schedule a call. It can be tough being brushed off or rejected, but a high-performance sales rep remains focused on their target and what they are trying to achieve.

4. Consistent learners

High-performance salespeople understand that they don’t know everything and they invest in their growth. They take every bit of feedback as an opportunity to grow, and they see coaching as a good investment and take it seriously.

5. Expert time managers

We bring up time management often on our blog. Time management is not a skill to be overlooked, and if it doesn’t come naturally to you, then research tools to find a time management system that works for you. B2B sales reps are working across multiple projects at the same time. They need to stay on top of each task. Prospects aren’t going to wait for a follow-up call. The most highly organised salespeople have a system, whether it is a bullet list or a tech tool.

You can help your team become high-performance salespeople with training and coaching. If you have sales reps that are high performers, it is worth investing in them.

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