6 tips for more successful follow-up sales calls

6 tips for more successful follow-up sales calls

Sales reps tend to make the same mistakes when it comes to following up on sales calls. A follow-up sales call or meeting with a prospect is when you find out if the prospect is genuinely interested in your product or service.

Often sales reps go into follow-up sales calls with little to no preparation, no strategies and they don’t make the most of the opportunity.

Here are six tips for more successful follow-up sales calls

1. Set a time

A lot of sales reps don’t set a specific time for a follow-up call. They can be a bit ambiguous or aloof with the time setting, i.e. early next week. Not setting a firm time leads to phone tag; a lot of missed calls, voicemails, and this can drag the whole sales process out on both sides and cause frustration.

During your initial sales call or sales presentation set a time and date to follow up. Ensure the time suits the prospect. Once you have a specific time set, send a calendar invite so that it can’t be forgotten about.

2. Follow up email

A day or two after your initial meeting send an email outlining the key points from your meeting, any information requested and any actions that both sides agreed to take. In the email, confirm the next steps, including the follow-up call, which gives the prospect a chance to inform you of any changes or to reschedule if necessary.

3. Add value

Adding value is a very effective way to make yourself memorable. Include something that adds value to the prospect at the end of the email. It could be a link to an article, client case study or a whitepaper. You can even add something that is non-business related that you mentioned in your initial call, for example, maybe you talked about a book, sport etc.

This adds great value to the client, and it looks like you went the extra mile; setting the tone for your future relationship.

4. Be on time

Never, ever, EVER be late with your follow up call. Being prompt on a follow-up call reflects on you, your company and your offering.

5. Opening statements

Avoid opening statements blunders; for example “I am calling to follow up on the proposal”, “I just wanted to make sure you got my email.” These statements are don’t cut through the noise.

Your opening statement needs to be clear, concise and captivating. First, reintroduce yourself with your full name and company name and then remind the client why you are calling and what promoted the follow-up call. Go back through your notes on the initial call and revisit the “pain” and “gain” that was discussed on the last call. And remind them of your next steps.

6. Don’t be a pest

Focus on moving the call forward, be clear, concise and stick to an agenda. Be professional, polite and persistent but don’t be a pest.

If the prospect is not there, leave a message so that they know you called on time and tell them that you will call back in 15 minutes. Call back 15 minutes later, if no answer, leave a message asking them to call you and ensure you give your phone number. Leave the prospect to call you, if you don’t hear from them call them 4 hours later or the next morning.

If there is no answer, leave one last voicemail with a little reminder of the pains and gains. Then space out a few more follow up calls over the next few days without overdoing it. If there is no response by then, you probably won’t close this one, but at least you were professional and persistent and left it on a good note.

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