Are you careless with your cold emails?

Are you careless with your cold emails?

It is not hard to write a cold sales email. Taking the time to research a prospect and send a useful, relevant email is not massively hard. But often, it can be easy to be careless with your cold emails.

A prospect can spot a lazy cold email; it won’t help you build credibility with the prospects, and it will ruin your response rate. You only have a few seconds to make an impression, so keep your cold email short and snappy.

When you are sending a cold email, bear in mind that you are a stranger landing in their inbox. They may not know anything about your company or solution, and they may not even care.

Short and to the point

If you want to connect with the prospect, you need to tap into their needs and emotions. First impressions are so important. Nothing is exciting about an impersonal introduction. If you want your prospect to open, read and respond to you, you need to consider their time and requirements. The purpose of your email needs to be clear and get to the point in seconds.

Create a quality list of leads.

Think quality over quantity. Create a buyer persona focusing on the role, company size, industry and location. Ensure all the leads have the same needs and that if you are sharing case studies or whitepapers that it is relevant to all the leads on the list.

Credibility with social proof

We are trying not to be a spammer. You need to establish your credibility with them, and the best way to do that is with social proof. Give your prospects examples of real results that you’ve achieved for past or current clients.

Focus on your prospect

Cold emails tend to start by focusing on you and your company. And that is where a lot of emails go wrong. If you start your email by focusing on your prospect and their needs, you give them a reason to read on.

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