Building prospect & client relationships online

Building prospect and client relationships online

We are living in the world of virtual meetings. You might feel more exposed because you are on camera and in the spotlight. Conducting online sales meetings are essential for building some rapport with your prospects and sales team.

Technology has made virtual meetings easy and effective. However, you need to practice being on camera. Prepare for a virtual meeting as you would for any meeting, do your research, prepare your demo, map out your key points.

Screensharing is a big part of virtual meetings. Having a clean and professional slide deck with impactful content will capture your prospects attention. Script your presentation or demo to highlight your solution’s features that meet your prospects pain points.

Tips for meeting with Prospects

Turn on your video

Seems obvious, but it is important to have your camera on during an online meeting. Having your video on allows the prospect to see you, your body language, and your smile. People tend to trust you more if they see you. Non-verbal cues are so important, like smiling, nodding and hand gestures help you communicate and build rapport.

Personal connection

With every prospect you want to build a personal connection and build rapport. Video calls can be less personal than face to face. Do your research on your prospect, look at their LinkedIn and Twitter. Find a personal connection between yourself and the prospect, it shows that you did your research.

Body language

Pay attention to both yours and the prospects body language. It may be harder to notice the non-verbal cues on camera, if they are far away from the camera it may mean that they are not interested.

Look at your own body language, you should have good posture, you should be close to the camera. In a face to face meeting, you might lean toward the person, do the same on camera. Look at the camera, make eye contact with the prospect.


In a face to face sales meeting you would most likely prepare a sales presentation, in the virtual world you may need to do the same. Create a slide deck that is relevant to your client. Share your screen, talk your way through the deck and make it interesting.

Online B2B sales meetings take practise, much more so than face-to-face. Your existing sales skills can easily transfer into the online environment. Ensure that while working remotely that you maintain a connection with your team.

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