Looking after your sales team this Christmas

Looking after your sales team this Christmas

Are you pushing your team to close more deals before you close for Christmas? We all want to see more deals close to this side of the New Year.

Sales is a tough job on a good day; a global pandemic doesn’t help. This year has been very stressful for most sales teams. And even though you want to protect your sales team from burnout, you also want to close as many deals in 2020 as you can.

Rejection is a big part of the job, and with a year of customers tightening budgets, salespeople may be feeling exhausted and burnout coupled with having to work from home in a job that is so extroverted. And we’ve heard sales reps talk about not being able to keep clear boundaries between work and personal time.

And let’s not forget that commissions and bonuses are likely to have been impacted negatively this year. So you may have team members dealing with financial stress coming into Christmas.

One of the best things a sales manager can do is look out for the mental and emotional state of their sales team. This might mean making more time for regular one on one catch ups with sales reps that not only check in on their pipeline but also on them as an individual.

If you are unsure of what burnout looks like, here are some of the top signs to watch out for:

Lack of Interest
Irritability or easily annoyed
An extended period of negativity,
Lack of productivity
Signs of fatigue, headaches or migraines or general unwellness.

These are just the most common signs of burnout, but not necessarily a comprehensive list.

So what do you do if a sales rep is burnt out?

Encourage them to take a break! Christmas is a great time for staff to step back, rest, recoup and come back fresh in the New Year. If you are noticing the signs of burnout throughout the year, remind your sales rep to get away from their desk, take regular breaks and ask them to check in with you when they are struggling.

You can also offer a mentor to your team. Having someone that your team can vent to, seek advice from and get support when they need it, will help your team continue to strive. A mentor shouldn’t be the salesperson’s manager. They should be someone that a salesperson can turn to when a call doesn’t go well, have them listen to the call and offer objective advice. A good sales manager will check in to make sure that their team is connecting with their mentor.

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