Easy strategies to speed up your sales cycle

Easy strategies to speed up your sales cycle

How quickly you can effectively sell can have a significant impact on your bottom line. As Sales Managers, we are always looking for ways to speed up our sales cycle and increase our sales revenue.

Every sale is different. There is no way to predict the entire sales journey for each prospect. Gatekeepers, blockers and other variables are so interchangeable that it is impossible to make a one size fits all process. You can create small efficiencies in your sales process to make it more effective.

Here are 6 easy strategies to speed up your sales cycle

Be clear about prices from the very beginning

While it’s tempting to try to hide the pricing until the very end, and if you aren’t clear about pricing from the start, it will slow the deal down later.

Make it crystal clear what your prospect is getting and at what price. Ensure that any fees involved in working with you and your products or services are included.

Focus on marketing channels that perform

Every company has some form of a marketing plan with a list of marketing channels that you’re currently using. It could be radio, newspaper, email marketing, appointment setting agencies or digital marketing.

Not every channel is suitable for every product or service. Spend time mapping which channels bring you the best results and ROI. It’s essential to keep track of your channels, what works one year, may not work the next.

Always be closing

Keep closing the whole way through your sales cycle. Get small commitments from your prospect all the way through. Securing yes’s means that your prospect gets in the habit of saying yes to you.

An example of this is having your prospect commit to a follow-up call, an agreement to a demo or the budget approval process. And keep moving the deal forward. Keep closing.

Handle objections early in the process

Not handling sales objections throughout your sales process is one sure-fire way to slow the whole process down. The longer you leave objections uncovered, the slower your deal moves forward and the less likely you are to get a yes.

Asking simple questions like: “Is there any reason you see this XX not working out for you?” The quest for objections happens in the discovery call, or shortly after that.

Easy signing of contracts

Think about how your prospect signs your contracts. We all have phones with us all day long. Using online agreements that can be signed on the go on a phone or a tablet will speed up the signing of your contracts.

There are a ton of options that can be used to do an online signature such as Docusign.

The effectiveness of your sales cycle does impact your bottom line. Small tweaks can have a significant impact on your sales.

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