How Sales-Marketing alignment generates better leads

How Sales-Marketing alignment generates better leads</h1>

When marketing and sales seamlessly work together, following a preplanned, unified strategy, it is a recipe for success. In large businesses, departments are more siloed and can seem like a law unto themselves. With the current COVID pandemic, teams may be physically isolated and have little to no interaction.

Collaboration between sales and marketing is the best way to improving lead generation and increasing conversions. Every business is looking to boost sales and become more profitable, especially during a global pandemic.

When sales and marketing are misaligned

If there is a disconnect between sales and marketing, it could affect how leads are captured, nurtured and converted into clients. If the messaging and methods aren’t aligned with each other, it can do damage to your brand.

Confusing messaging can slow down your sales cycle and make it challenging to get leads through your funnel. Marketing and sales teams should be working on the same objectives and design a cohesive strategy.

Alignment results in more leads

Many sales departments take issue with the quality of leads coming in through marketing, which can cause communication breakdowns between departments. If both teams are working off of two different strategies, it will be impossible for either team to get results.

Creating a marketing and sales plan based on the buyer’s journey, using insights and analytics is much much more effective. Customers understand that businesses are using their data to personalise interactions and provide better content. Better alignment creates a much better customer experience, a pipeline of nurtured leads and a consistent brand.

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