Overcoming Cold Call Reluctance: How to get on the Phone!

Overcoming Cold Call Reluctance: How to get on the Phone!

Every sales job requires some element of cold calling and selling. For some, cold calling is a panic-filled activity.

Cold call reluctance may come from a fear of rejection, a lack of training or preparation, or it’s not your personality. And we have to remember, salespeople often get a bad rap for being pushy or being a nuisance. So it can be hard to build up the confidence to pick up the phone and cold call.

How to overcome cold call reluctance

You can overcome these objects with a little bit of work.

1. Understand your reluctance

Don’t try to push your reluctance to one side, try to get an understanding of where it is coming from. Knowing where your reluctance is coming from will help you take steps to boost your confidence.

2. Learn

Take time to learn about your products and services. Practice cold calling with a colleague or mentor. Get good advice and continue to develop your cold calling skills.

3. Review each call

It can be easy to make a call and forget about it. Rather than moving on straight away, take a few minutes to make notes on the call, what would you improve? How could you have done better?

4. Get on the phone

Practice makes perfect! Pick up the phone and start cold calling. The best way to get experience is doing. The more you do it, the better you will get and the more comfortable you will become with

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