How to handle “It’s not a good time to buy”

How to handle “It’s not a good time to buy”

Have you ever been speaking with a prospect consistently, it looks like your solution is perfect for them? You are ready to organise a demo or presentation, and suddenly you are being pushed it out to the next quarter, year? It is hard to let go of a deal that you’ve spent quite a bit of time working on. The timing objection can be used by a prospect to stall the sales process or to get out of the conversation altogether. If it was a budget or resources objection, you might be able to navigate it with a bit more ease. “It’s not a good time” or “Call me back next quarter” are challenging obje tctionso overcome.

How to respond to the timing objection

It is essential to respond to the timing objection with empathy. Keep in mind that you don’t know what is going on in their business, especially during uncertain times. Empathy will be more effective, and it will keep you both on good terms.

There are several simple questions that you can ask the prospect to help understand where your prospect is coming from and to keep the door open for a potential deal.

1. When would be a good time to buy?
2. What are your companies priorities right now?
3. What’s holding you back?
4. What’s going to be different next quarter?
5. Is it timing, or is there anything else that’s holding you back?

The purpose of the questions is to see if there is another objection under the surface. You want to ensure that if budget or resources are the concern that you are aware of it and can handle the objection.

You don’t want to pressure them into buying, but you want to explore all the potential objections so that you can either salvage a deal or come back to the prospect in three or four months.

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