How to have a winning discovery call

How to have a winning discovery call

Some salespeople dread discovery calls. They might find them to be awkward, time-consuming, and sometimes they are a disaster! But discovery calls are essential.

They play a significant role in your overall success and health of your sales team and sales pipeline. When a rep focuses on doing the call, they can identify highly qualified prospects, and they may become a client later.

On the flip side, a good discovery call can disqualify prospects that aren’t a good fit for your solution. It will help weed out timewasters, people who aren’t decision makers and those who are just not interested in your solution.

Four things you should do for every discovery call

1. Research

Sales reps should be digging into the prospects’ businesses before the first call try to identify the decision-makers, pain points and relevant press releases so that you can show a general interest in the company. The discovery call is about validating the research, building on what you already know and using the information to dive deeper into the prospect’s business.

2. Pain Points

Clarify the prospects pain points early in the call and explain how your solution can help the prospect understand how your solution can solve the struggle. By having a clear understanding of the prospect’s pain points, you can work on your selling how you can help them move forward with the right solution.

3. Goals

Understanding the prospect’s goals will help you understand how your solution can help. When you know their goals, you can sell the benefits of your solution that match those goals. Think short term wins for the prospect! Something for them to get excited about! If the prospect’s goals are not in line with your offering, then disqualify the prospect and move on.

4. Next steps

Provide next steps and actions to be undertaken. Be clear on what needs to happen before your next call. Set a time and date. Send an email to confirm the actions. Be realistic, don’t become forceful. Organise a demo if they want a demo, send a case study, share relevant content, but don’t become a pest.

The discovery call plays a major role in the success of every sales rep, and it should get as much focus as closing. Don’t underestimate the power or a prepared discovery call.

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