How to improve the quality of your lead generation

How to improve the quality of your lead generation

Quality is everything, especially when it comes to lead generation. The higher the quality of leads, the greater the potential for sales conversions, the shorter your sales cycle and happier your clients.

And your sales team will be more motivated because they will be able to CLOSE more deals.

But with many sales and marketing efforts focused on quantity, how do you improve the quality of your lead generation efforts?

Be clear on who you are targeting and why

You need to know who your exact target market is, and who falls outside your target market. A lot of businesses attempt a scattergun approach to attract the highest number of leads sacrificing quality for quantity. This approach tends to bring low quality, hard to convert leads, and it will demotivate your sales team.

The best way to identify your target market is to create an ideal customer persona or avatar. It will detail exactly who you are trying to reach. In some cases, you may need an avatar for each solution that you offer. Your existing clients are a good place to start.

Analyse the behaviours, influences and characteristics of your top clients. Identify where you are most likely to find these clients, what they read, what social media they use, what platforms they use to keep up to date with their industry.

Create marketing that speaks to your ideal customer

Your value proposition should speak directly to your ideal customer. Now that you know who you are targeting and where to find them, use this information to create your value proposition, promotional material and marketing content. If your target market consumes long-form content, then consider white papers, case studies or articles to promote your business to your market.

Don’t rely on one type of content. People consume content on so many platforms and in so many ways, whether it’s journals, online news, social media, you need to meet them where they are.

Create a strategy that gets you in front of your target market in multiple ways. People need instruction to take action. Ensure all content includes a call to action, for example, learn more, contact us, subscribe etc.

Give your leads some love

Start softly with an introduction email or phone call or reach out on LinkedIn. Give the prospect a chance to opt-out. Once you have a prospect who shows interest in your solution, you can start to nurture that lead until it’s ready to convert into a client.

Keep profiles on each lead, including contact information, points of contact including who else is involved in the decision-making process, and details on conversations that you’ve had with that client.

If you follow these three steps, you will start to excel in your B2B lead generation. We understand the demand for quality leads and the need for your team to meet those demands. We are here to help and add value by finding tangible, highly qualified leads where we have secured a date and a time for an appointment. These individuals are in your target audience, at the right decision-making level and have an interest in your solution. Taking away this pressure from your Sales team allows them to focus their time on closing deals and generating revenue.

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