How to make every sales presentation a success

How to make every sales presentation a success

One of the most significant advantages of a sales meeting is being able to establish rapport with a prospect. It’s so much easier to build trust and likeability when you’re face to face having a conversation rather than over the phone or via email.

Sales presentation meetings can be nerve-wracking. The more prepared you are, the better the meeting will go. Here are four tips to help you get off to a good start.

How to approach a face-to-face sales presentation meeting

1. Confirm meeting

Just because you sent a calendar invite weeks ago, doesn’t mean that your prospect will remember the meeting. Send a simple email the day before reconfirming the meeting. It takes two seconds to do, but it can save you a lot of embarrassment when you show up to a meeting with no attendees.

2. Research the attendees

Do you know each of the different attendees that are going to be in the room? Do you know what role they play in the decision-making process? Look at how you can involve each one into the conversation. Speak directly to each of the attendees to uncover their needs and objections.

3.Be on time

Do not show up late to a sales meeting. It is the worst first impression. If you need to set up a demo, then ask your prospect if you can arrive early so that you are ready to start the meeting on time.

By asking to set up the meeting room for your demo, it ensures that you won’t be sitting in the reception area waiting for someone to come collect you. And waiting around will only increase your anxiety.

4. End on time

Never let a sales meeting drag on longer than it needs to. If the meeting is booked for an hour, stick to the hour. Ensure that there is time for questions and objection handling. Running overtime makes your presentation look unprepared. You can always arrange a follow-up meeting to move the conversation further.

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