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How IntegriLeads helps you

Professional Appointment Setting

We find the right prospects for your service or solution and we reach out to secure a date and a time for an appointment. These professionals are in your target audience, at the right decision-making level & have expressed an interest in your solution. They have pain points and challenges with their current process & want to hear more.
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Account Based Appointments

Many companies have adopted an account-based strategy when it comes to their marketing efforts. After you identify your target companies, IntegriLeads create bespoke messaging and can accelerate your prospecting efforts by targeting different stakeholders within the buying team and booking relevant appointments.
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Outsourced Business Development

The cost of hiring and training a Business Development Representative is significant and the turnover of staff in this category is always very high. We have an experienced team already in situ that can work for you. We will train them for you, and they will go on to become a valued extension of your high-performing team.
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IntegriLeads Appointment Setting, Business Development, Inbound Leads

Opening the doors for your sales team..

IntegriLeads are an award-winning appointment setting company based in Ireland.

We have 40 years combined experience scheduling highly qualified appointments for companies in the technology sector. We work with national and international clients giving us exceptional insights of different markets across multiple geographies.

We work with Marketing and Sales departments in these companies and understand the different challenges each face daily. They both have different roles and responsibilities, but the inevitable end goal is to convert leads into business. IntegriLeads will give your sales team the opportunity to pitch to their target audience by scheduling qualified appointments for them.
From the start, we wanted to offer a very high-quality service to our clients. In order to achieve this, we rely on – Integrity, Communication and Transparency. We ensure every meeting fits the highest standards. We will continue to communicate with you to ensure success and longevity and will be transparent through every step of the process. If something isn’t working, we will let you know. The relationship we have with our clients is the most important ingredient to successful campaigns. We treat everyone as a member of the IntegriLeads family and love to see our clients succeed. We do not charge retainers and there is no exit clause attached to our campaigns making this risk free for the client. You will only pay for the appointments we deliver.
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