Is it wrong to continue selling right now?

Is it wrong to continue selling right now?

Over and over again, we’ve been asked if it is ok to continue selling during this Covid-19 crisis. Unfortunately, there is no clear answer. Covid-19 is a unique situation.

We’ve been in sales our entire adult lives. We have felt the uncertainty of whether to reach out to a prospect or current client, what to say? how to say it? The main concern is being insensitive to what is happening. Maybe you’re experiencing this too?

Here are some of our thoughts on how to communicate with your clients or prospects during this crisis.


It is difficult to know whether it is right or wrong to continue selling. There is no precedent to base the answer on. I would say you intuitively know whether it is appropriate for you to keep selling.

Your solution, the industry you are selling into and the country or countries you operate in will tell you whether selling is ok right now. If selling is not appropriate, use the time to check in with your clients or build up a lead base to crack into when this settles down.


Everyone is suffering in some way at the moment. Some more than others. We don’t know what anyone is going through right now. The fear of losing someone close, a business, job security or a steady income are very real.

You may need to use a softer sales approach. Connect with the prospect on a more human level. If they’re showing signs of anxiety or high stress, then I would suggest not selling to them right now. Be kind and come back to them at a later stage. They will remember you based on how you treated them.

If your prospect is still interested in talking about your solution, then sell. It may be a longer sales cycle, but if there are buying signals, you have their permission to go for the sale.


If you don’t sell, what is the knock-on impact to the business? What happens if you stop selling?

Your job as a sales rep is to help prospects solve problems in their business. That’s what you do day in day out and some people need those problems solved now, more than ever.

If you have decided to keep selling, then you need to remain sensitive to the situation. You need to approach each prospect with the highest level of integrity.

We understand the demand for quality leads and the need for your team to meet those demands. We are here to help and add value by finding tangible, highly qualified leads where we have secured a date and a time for an appointment. These individuals are in your target audience, at the right decision-making level and have an interest in your solution. Taking away this pressure from your Sales team allows them to focus their time on closing deals and generating revenue.

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