Our four favourite closing techniques

Our four favourite closing techniques

Closing is exciting. It’s the moment that you find out if all your hard work and determination has paid off. Think back to your very first sale; can you remember how daunting it was to try to close the deal? Can you remember the rush of your very first deal? I can, I remember the nerves kicking in, the excitement, and big adrenaline boost from the yes. It was everything.

As salespeople, we live for that rush.

When starting out, salespeople can be a bit anxious about the close. Asking for the business can be more confronting for the salesperson than the prospect. At the end of the day, we all fear rejection.

If you are new to sales, or you’ve become a bit complacent with your techniques, here are four of our favourite closing techniques that we use regularly.

1. Objection close

I use the objection close all the time. It’s effective in identifying objections. Remember the sales adage ‘Always be closing’. Once you’ve gone through your sales presentation with your prospect, they understand everything about your offering, ask them for any objections they might have.

The objection close allows the prospect to raise any of their concerns without saying no to a deal.

Salesperson “Is there anything you’d like to ask about the product?” Or “Is there any reason why you wouldn’t go ahead with this deal?”

2. Urgency

Not having an urgency close in your sales toolbox is a big mistake. A ‘now or never’ close is where the salesperson makes an offer with a special rate, benefit or incentive that will prompt a quick purchase decision.

For example

“There is a 10% discount for customers who book today.”
“This is the last one at this price.”

The now or never close, drives the urgency and looks for the prospect to make a decision on the spot or in a short timeframe. Urgency only works if you’ve already created value and the prospect has no objections.

3. Sharp Angle Close

If your prospect is most likely going to buy, but they’re looking for a discount or ad-on, you can turn this into an opportunity to close. You can answer their request with a question that leans towards closing the deal.

Prospect “If we go with your service, can we add in X, Y or Z for the first month?”
Salesperson “If I could add in X, Y or Z, are you ready to sign on today?”

You are hoping for a yes, and that signals the deal is done. If you don’t get a yes, they’re not buying, or you haven’t overcome all of their objections.

4. Take away close

This is one of my favourite closes, especially if a prospect is dragging their heels. You are on the verge of closing, everything says this is going to be a deal, but the prospect is coming up with more and more objections to try to drive the price down. A new salesperson might fall for this and try to give the prospect whatever they want to close the deal. But we’re experienced, so we’re not budging.

This is the perfect time to withdraw the whole deal from the prospect and push them into making a decision. If the prospect is a timewaster, they will walk away from the deal and you can move on. If they’re serious and do want to buy, this will spur them into action. These are just a few of our favourite techniques, they may help you make a sale. Relying on one closing technique doesn’t work. Every prospect is different and will need a different approach. The art of closing takes time to master, the more you practice it the better they work.

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