Practical tips for remote sales

Practical tips for remote sales

Remote sales success largely depends on the routines you’ve put in place. Conducting business to business sales in person is becoming increasingly rare. There are many reasons why you may not sell in person. You may have a solution that can be sold globally, you have a remote sales team, or you are in lockdown and have to stay home.

Whatever the reason, any sales team or sales rep can be effective when using the right tools.

Work from home setup

Both your physical workspace and your sales technology need to enable you to sell effectively. Your workspace needs to be comfortable, a quiet room in the house is ideal for making calls and running sales presentations or demos.

There’s a lot of sales tools available to help you connect with your prospects, from video conferencing, internal collaboration to cloud-based CRM tools.


Prospecting can be done from anywhere. A good sales rep will make prospecting into a daily habit to maintain a healthy pipeline. When working remotely, your schedule can be more flexible. It can be easy to let prospecting take a back seat. Prospecting is always a key priority, and it should be part of your routine.

Virtual meetings

Technology has made virtual meetings easy and effective. However, you need to practice being on camera. Prepare for a virtual meeting as you would for any meeting, do your research, prepare your demo, map out your key points.

Screensharing is a big part of virtual meetings. Having a clean and professional slide deck with impactful content will capture your prospects attention. Script your presentation or demo to highlight your solution’s features that meet your prospects pain points.


It can be hard to maintain your audience’s attention during a virtual meeting. People can become distracted by their news feed or phone. You can keep your audience’s attention by asking questions and allowing them to ask questions during the presentation. Asking questions will not only keep them engaged, but it also allows you to gather additional information that may be valuable later in your sales process.


In-person, meetings can give you a greater indication of whether a prospect is likely to buy, but it can be much harder to gauge in a virtual meeting. Agree a time to follow-up with your client and stick to it. You may not necessarily want to follow-up with another virtual meeting; email or phone call may be the best next step. Using electronic signatures can increase contract speed, and it is easy for the signee.

Remote B2B sales takes practise, much more so than face-to-face. Your existing sales skills can easily transfer into the online environment. Ensure that while working remotely that you maintain a connection with your team.

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