Sales metrics that improve your bottom line

Sales metrics that improve your bottom line

Using sales metrics can take your sales team to the next level. If you are trying to improve your sales performance, you have two options; you can make changes based on your gut instinct, or you can use sales analytics to make the decision.

Sales analytics is using sales data to create actionable insights that will help improve your sales performance or to determine the success of your sales team or sales campaign. And it can help you forecast future goals.

Sales analytics can help you make data-backed decisions that will help your team grow stronger, and help your business increase it’s profitability.

Pricing analytics

Pricing analytics can help manage price points better, especially when you have multiple products at different price points. Knowing your pricing analytics will help you understand how price changes will impact your overall business and maximise your revenue.

Understanding your customers’ motivations, needs, values, and willingness to pay means that you stop missing out on opportunities and prevent churn.

Competitor analytics

Understanding how you measure up against your competitors can help improve your product performance. You can gain insights on your competitors through press releases, social media analytics and other tools.

If you want to take it a step further, you can call your competitors as a prospect so that you can analyse your competitors’ pitch. Competitor analytics will help you improve your pitch, your presentation and maybe even make adjustments to your solution.

Sales speeds

What is in your sales pipeline right now? And how quickly is it converting? Sales speed or pipeline velocity is impacted by the number of opportunities, win rate, deal size and your sales cycle length.

The length of your sales cycle can have a significant impact on your revenue. Knowing the average length of salespeople’s sales cycle will help you identify inefficiencies by different members in your sales team. If you have a sales rep who is closing in a much shorter timeframe than others, then you may want to look at what they are doing differently.

If you are looking to get your sales team working smarter, it’s time to start working with data. A data-driven sales team will save your business time, energy and money. Sales data can align your team and streamline your sales processes so that you’re working on the best opportunities, maximising resources and reducing your cost of sale.

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