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Appointment Setting

Whether you are in the Marketing department or heading up the sales team, we understand the challenges you face daily. The demand for quality leads and the need for your marketing team to meet those demands is a common challenge.

In sales, we understand the time it takes to close a sale. Working on multiple deals can significantly reduce the time your sales team spend engaging with new prospects and securing new appointments.

We bridge these gaps by ensuring a strong pipeline of sales appointments to attend, improving lead conversion and allowing the sales team to continue to close deals and hit targets.

In simple terms, we find the right prospects for your service or solution and we reach out to secure a date and a time for an appointment. These professionals are in your target audience, at the right decision-making level and have expressed an interest in your solution. They have pain points and challenges with their current process and want to hear more.

IntegriLeads Appointment Setting, Business Development, Inbound Leads

To ensure the successful delivery of your campaign, we have a stringent onboarding process which will give you the confidence that we are representing your company to the highest level.

Step 1 - You will meet your dedicated team before any campaign begins. This is an open forum to discuss your offering, competitors, unique selling points, objections, and tangible questions that your sales team need us to ask during our outreach.

Step 2 - Once criteria for the campaign is outlined by the client our inhouse service delivery team will build a prospecting database tailored for your campaign.

Step 3 - The IntegriLeads messaging team will work on a bespoke message in which to use to initiate interaction via email & telephone outreach. This will be used once approved by the client.

Step 4 - Communication is key to the success of every campaign. Communication channels are set up between IntegriLeads and the client’s sales team to ensure easy flow of conversation between all parties as the campaign progresses.

Step 5 - The campaign begins! Our team will provide regular feedback to ensure you know what is happening each step of the way. We believe that the appointment is the end goal but the “how to get there” is equally as important.

Once we schedule an appointment your sales team will be equipped with all the information we have on the prospect and details of what was discussed, ahead of the meeting. This will allow them to adapt their pitch to the unique needs of the prospect. If you are thinking of running a campaign and would like to hear more, please feel free to contact us.

IntegriLeads Appointment Setting, Business Development, Inbound Leads

ABA - Account Based Appointments:

Many companies have adopted an account-based strategy when it comes to their marketing efforts. After identifying their ideal account list, it is extremely important that they focus their efforts on strategically targeting these companies. IntegriLeads know the importance of identifying the right contacts and can accelerate efforts by creating bespoke messaging and targeting different professionals within the buying team to book the relevant appointments.

As there can be multiple stakeholders within the buying process, we will engage with these individuals and set up multiple appointments to give you the best opportunity to convert business. You control how many appointments you want in each organisation; we can stop prospecting into an account as soon as you are comfortable you have a significant foothold within that organisation.

Taking this element of your account based strategy away from you will free you up to focus on other important marketing campaigns and give you the confidence to know that prospecting and appointments will be consistent and high quality.

To hear more about this service, please feel free to contact us.

Outsourced Business Development

IntegriLeads Appointment Setting, Business Development, Inbound Leads

Before you add to your existing Business development team or build a brand new one, consider IntegriLeads as your strategic partner in this area. Adding a member of staff to any team is both costly and time consuming. You have to advertise the role, conduct interviews, prepare contracts, train, provide the relevant IT equipment, pay their salary and that is all before they make you a single appointment. Turnover of BDR’s is also notoriously high so after all the effort and cost, you could be down your new BDR within the year and have to start all over again.

IntegriLeads have the experience and expertise to seamlessly integrate into your team. You don’t have to worry about training costs, IT costs or your new BDR leaving the company. In fact, you only pay on the delivery of service outlined and agreed at the start of the campaign. You can easily project your costs each month and can change them at any time depending on your budget.

Our outsourced business development service includes many different areas, and we can create a bespoke campaign based on your specific needs. Some areas we cover include:

Inbound lead nurturing - We can monitor your inbound leads and reach out to qualify them, only passing to the sales team when they are ready. We have experience working with many CRM’s so can update your internal systems with the relevant information after each conversation

Email marketing - We can send out multiple touch points to your existing contacts on a regular basis ensuring they remain engaged and don’t go cold

Appointment Setting (outbound) - We can incorporate our Appointment Setting service and generate appointments based on an agreed criterion

Event/Webinar promotion - we can reach out to existing and new contacts to inform them of an event you are running or promote a new webinar

There are many different use cases for this service, and we would be happy to discuss your needs with you. Please feel free to contact us.