The essential sales tools that every sales team need

The essential sales tools that every sales team need

We recently shared our tips on speeding up your sales cycle and how it will impact your bottom line. Part of making your sales cycle more effective is ensuring that you have the right tools in place to help your team do their job.

Salespeople need to have the right sales tools to do the job. If your salespeople don’t have the right tools to do the job or streamline non-selling tasks, it can slow them down.


There are so many benefits to using a CRM system. It can help you evaluate your sales rep’s activity. It gives you a full view of your pipeline and projected revenue. Most importantly, it holds all the lead’s information, notes on conversations, reasons why they haven’t already bought from you and their decision-making process.

If you want an efficient sales team, then you need a system that can quickly tell you the last time you were in contact with a lead without having to do a search through your emails or call history.

Email tracking

If you are a G Suite user, there are plenty of email tracking extensions that you can use to track when emails are opened and how many times. It is worth investing in one, especially if you have sales rep sitting anxiously wondering whether a prospect has opened an email.

It’s not about knowing when a prospect has read your email and then calling them straight away, but it’s about knowing what they did with that email – if they opened it once or multiple times or if they clicked a link or ignored it. The interaction with the email is an indicator of the prospects overall interest in your proposal or solution.

Conference calls

Depending on the location of your prospects, you may want to invest in a reputable, reliable conference call service. There are great free options available. And there are paid options that offer more features. The paid options can often provide a more seamless experience for the prospect.

If you offer demos of your solution or like to do presentations, having a conference call set up that allows for screen sharing is a necessity. It can make your conversation more visual and interactive. It will enable the prospect to see what you are talking about and adds significant value to the conversation.

Premium LinkedIn account

Using one of LinkedIn’s premium options is a must in sales. You can opt for the basic Premium or Sales Navigator to get more out of your account. But either way, you need to have a premium account. LinkedIn is a great way to search for your specific target market, in the exact location that you want them to be in.

You can also use your profile to turn cold leads into warm leads, through interacting with your target market, connecting and starting conversations.

The effectiveness of your sales team depends on what sales tools you supply them with. Providing your team with these four tools as a minimum will set them up for success. The more you invest in your team, the more efficient their sales process becomes. And that benefits everyone.

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